Governor Ralph Northam made a special announcement on the southside. A pharmaceutical company is creating dozens of new jobs in the area. “Panaceutics and Pittsylvania County that’s got a good ring to it,” said Governor Ralph Northam.

A $5.8 million investment, and 70 new jobs are coming to the Danville/Pittsylvania County area thanks to a company called Panaceutics. Panaceutics will operate its research and manufacturing facility in the Cane Creek Industrial Park.

“We make a product to personalize nutrition and medicine, where we take the active ingredients and then formulate it based on genetics, on your lab tests, on you age, sex, weight, factors like that,” says Panaceutics co-founder Edison Hudson.

In short, these little pouches have vitamins and minerals, as well as any specific medications you may need, all in one.

“You don’t have to take pills anymore. You, instead, get something that is easy to swallow, tastes good, and is made just for you,” says Hudson.

This was Governor Ralph Northam’s first economic development announcement since taking office in January.

“When we talk about growing businesses and helping to attract new businesses like the one we’re here with today, people want to know that they have access to quality healthcare,” says Governor Northam.

Leaders of Panaceutics say the company is targeting children and the elderly with its product.

They had a professional marketing company talk to people after using the product for a few months.

“88% said that they wanted to continue to take their medications and nutrition this way instead of taking pills,” says Hudson.

The owners of Panaceutics say they hope to be up and running in this building, and fully operational, by the fall.

from WDBJ 7