JTI Leaf Services, located in Danville, VA, is growing its organizational footprint and undergoing a multi-million-dollar expansion over the next twelve months.

“Our latest expansion is part of JTI’s long-term commitment to both Danville and the region, and we’re looking for skilled workers, proven managers, and many more professional and technical individuals to fill upwards of 100 new positions,” said President of JTI Leaf Services, Michael Adkins.

After nearly 15 years of success and multiple expansions, JTI is one of the largest direct purchasers of leaf across the US tobacco growing region. JTI Leaf Services hosts a state-of-the-art facility encompassing leaf buying stations across the southern US, a technology driven best in class leaf processing factory, along with several onsite and offsite warehouses for housing US leaf tobacco.

“From its earliest days, Danville was known as the “World’s Best Tobacco Market” for its bright leaf tobacco. With such a rich history in both tobacco growing and processing, we here at JTI knew that Danville was the prime location to procure the highest quality tobacco leaves from top farmers in the world, and source the needed talent to operate a world class facility,” said Adkins.

Some of the new talent needed includes electrical and mechanical maintenance professionals, production employees to operate new equipment, and many more.

“We continue to be very grateful for JTI’s presence in Danville, which reflects our city’s enduring legacy as a hub for quality tobacco. As mayor, I am proud to witness JTI’s ongoing commitment to our community, creating upwards of 100 new opportunities. Our skilled workforce and rich tobacco heritage make Danville the perfect match for JTI’s growth. Together, we’ll continue to thrive and contribute to the success of this world-class facility,” said Danville Mayor Alonzo Jones.

“Our people are the heart of our organization and are our most valuable assets, providing this facility with an unmatched competitive advantage. I am confident that Danville and the surrounding areas have the candidates that will help make this local expansion an enormous success,” said JTI Leaf Services Director of Operations, Jennifer Johnson.

JTI Leaf Services is part of Japan Tobacco International (JTI) and is one of the largest and fastest growing tobacco companies in the world. JTI began operations within the city of Danville in 2009 to directly connect with US tobacco growers, a focal point of their global supply chain. After years of purchasing US tobacco through third parties and joint partners, JTI successfully completed the verticalization of their United States footprint by opening a JTI Leaf Services in 2010.

“JTI’s consistent growth in physical footprint, production volumes, and employment growth have contributed significantly to the development of Danville. The partnerships forged by JTI with the regions farmers have provided a significant boost to the agricultural economy and as a major exporter, JTI brings new money into our region’s economy,” said Linda Green, executive director, Southern Virginia Regional Alliance.

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