Flooring manufacturer to invest $9.3 million and purchase more than $18 million of Virginia forest products

Governor Ralph Northam today announced that Ten Oaks, LLC, a manufacturer of high-quality residential hardwood floors, will invest nearly $9.3 million in Patrick County to construct a state-of-the-art hardwood sorting and stacking facility. The new mill will enable the company to strengthen its supply chain, optimize yield on raw materials, and improve production quality and efficiencies, all while creating a major new market for Virginia’s hardwood sawmills. The project will create 11 high-paying jobs and lead to the purchase of more than $18 million of Virginia grown forest products over the next three years.
“Ten Oaks’ expansion and continued investment is a reflection of Virginia’s thriving forestry industry,” said Governor Northam. “I am grateful to Ten Oaks for their commitment to providing new economic opportunities and valuable high-paying jobs to Patrick County.”
Established in 2004 in the Town of Stuart, Ten Oaks has built its reputation on its steadfast commitment to quality. In 2019, the company was acquired by Canadian-based Boa-Franc, a leading manufacturer of residential prefinished hardwood flooring, which is committed to growing its U.S.-based manufacturing operations. This new Ten Oaks facility is located less than five miles away from its manufacturing center and headquarters. Lumber will be used in the production of residential hardwood flooring at Ten Oaks, as well as commercial truck hardwood flooring for Prolam, a Canadian-based truck and trailer flooring manufacturer located next to the new Ten Oaks facility.  Governor Northam announced in June that Prolam would locate its first U.S. production operation in Patrick County.
“Thanks to companies like Ten Oaks and Prolam, forestry is Virginia’s third-largest private industry, a critical part of the Commonwealth’s economy especially in rural areas,” said Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry Bettina Ring. “I am pleased to partner with Patrick County through the Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Program to support this important project; one that grows the market for Virginia hardwoods and supports proper management and restoration of our forests.”